A burning question. Encounters and discoveries in the world of TV series

Curated by
Filippo De Bortoli, Costantino Esposito, Ana de Haro, Simone Invernizzi, Jorge Martinez, Claudia Munarin, Davide Perillo, Roberto Rizzi, Martina Saltamacchia, César Senra Riesgo

The exhibition introduces visitors to the narrative universe of TV Series. Today, TV Series have become a fundamental entry point to interpret the present, a privileged language to address questions that affect everyone: the search for meaning and human desire, freedom and power, love, evil and suffering, history and politics, …
Throughout the exhibition, a dozen TV Series characters lead visitors, through videos, photos, quotes, and backstage materials, to face the fundamental themes and questions that emerge from those productions.


20 Agosto 2021 - 25 Agosto 2021




Padiglione A1