120 minus 50 equals 70

Promoted by
Association “Friends of Giovannino Guareschi Group”

Curated by
Egidio Bandini

An exhibition dedicated to the anniversaries of Gino Cervi, Fernandel and the first film in the series.
Two happy recurrences and one sad, very sad, but which put together, in a subtraction, give a result that becomes the true story of a myth: that of the most famous big priest and the big communist mayor of the 20th, as well as the 2000s. The fable of a “small World” that turns out to be as big as the world, of a country that doesn’t exist and that, instead, does exist! One hundred and twenty years ago Gino Cervi was born in Bologna, the Peppone we all have in our heart. Fifty years ago, Fernandel died, the Don Camillo that no one will ever forget. Here the two anniversaries, the second subtracted from the first, give the third anniversary: the seventy years since the beginning of the shooting of the first film in the series. Brescello, which becomes the village of don Camillo and Peppone, leaving the Lawland of Parma the role of literary “small World”, exactly that “black dot that moves up and down along the Po” and that, in reality, no one knows where exactly it is. But the number seventy, with an apostrophe in front, also becomes nineteen seventy: the year of the sixth film in the Guareschi saga: the first in color, the unfinished feature film, which has in any case become a legend and which, like the fantastic “Red Primrose”, « Everyone says that there is, where it is no one knows!».


20 Agosto 2021 - 25 Agosto 2021




Padiglione D3