Road to Meeting 2022… sixth stage

29 March 2022

“Precisely in the dramatic situation we are experiencing our engagement is more important than ever, because it is decisive to bear witness to a civilization that is committed to human coexistence, to freedom, to an authentic education and to a free modality and responsible for addressing all the problems that lay in front of us in a dialogue with everyone. [...] Therefore, we can only be grateful for your generosity, your being free and responsible in proposing the Meeting, thus giving a great service to the cities you live in“.

With these words Bernhard Scholz opened the first moment of time dedicated to the volunteers of Meet the Meeting, the fundraising event that for 5 years has anticipated the contents of the August Meeting.

Over 100 friends have already become involved, deciding to bring the Meeting to their city, with great commitment and creativity.

The date chosen, this year is saturday May 21, 2022. It will no longer be just a virtual event as in the last two years, but every city will be into the heart of this day and will organize an absolutely original event to launch the 2022 Meeting throughout Italy.

Would you like to participate and bring the Meeting to your city? Write to us and we will accompany you in this beautiful adventure!!

Stay connected on the site and on our social networks, as is now customary Meet the Meeting will be anticipated by 4 Tastings, short videos that will introduce some of the main themes and contents of the Meeting, starting from the month of May.

In the meantime you can participate in the construction of the Meeting 2022, choosing to support one of our projects:

Donate Now! Let we build the Exhibition of the Meeting 2022!
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