Road to Meeting… seventh stage

29 April 2022

The inaugural show always gives the tone of the Meeting, transforms the title of the edition that opens into beauty and poetry. So it was last year, with the engaging concert of Uto Ughi and in previous years with works taken from Dostoevsky, Lagerkvist, Claudel...

This year to talk about passion for man we will turn to a very dear author at the Meeting, Gilbert Keith Chesterton, with the work "Liberi tutti!", inspired by a theatrical text among the least known of the English author, entitled "The Surprise". It will be staged on Saturday, August 20 at 21.30 at the Teatro Galli in Rimini.

The theme is man and his desire for freedom: sometimes uncomfortable, often risky, but always undeniable.

Want to find out more about what it is?

Watch the video with the director and co-writer Otello Cenci and with Annalisa Teggi, translator of English literature and non-fiction, editor of the Italian version of the text and literary consultant of the theatrical production.

In partnership with Centro Teatrale BrescianoG. K. Chesterton Institute for Faith & Culture 

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