Road to Meeting 2022 – Fifth stage

28 February 2022

We couldn’t wait to tell you that Kids Village is finally back at the 2022 Meeting in its original form and with lots of news!

We want to propose a living place, where children, young people and their families can meet people who involve them through the proposed activities.

A space within their reach, to live the experience of the Meeting and take home an experience of beauty and passion and care for each of them.

It is from the passion of a group of friends, fathers and mothers, together with other volunteer “historical” friends of the Meeting, that the involvement in this project is born, mainly for the fullness they have always experienced during that week together with their children and for the friendship between them. With the help of those who have always taken care of it, a good group work has already begun, made up of ideas, projects, comparisons to find the most suitable proposals for the Village!

The Children’s Village 2022 will therefore be full of shows, exhibitions, workshops, contests, meetings suitable for different age groups from children to middle school children.

Precisely to this last group of “big” guys will open the doors of the Village that will dedicate to them a space with activities and meetings designed for those who are growing up and starting to live the Meeting with greater autonomy but, perhaps for this reason, it must be guided even more to meet the beauty of this place.

Stay tuned, we will update you with all the details!