Searching about like in the dark. The religious sense and the researching of God in Greek-Roman ancient times


Stemming from the words pronounced by Paul on the Aeropagus (Acts 17), we cross over the pathway of pagan man searching for the ultimate meaning to be given to their own life and actions, searching for a divinity to entrust and with which to establish a dialogue.
Paul affirms that Athenians are very religious men and, in exhorting them to convert to Christianity, he takes the sprout from pagan poetry valuing some of its expressions. Through a choice of images and short texts, the exhibit revisits the steps of this passionate research of ancient man, oscillating between genial intuitions and moments of desperation, because of the impossibility of the finding, with the only means available to his reasoning, the ultimate meaning of his own self. Men is not however alone, for God spreads the seeds for Revelation (lógoi spermatikoi) even in the pagan world. The facing of this thematic suggests the measure for the level of religious conscience that the searching of man can reach without the guidance of Revelation. It reminds also how Greek-Roman civilization, besides being root to European thought, is the first culture with which Christianity meets (and encounters) and in which it incarnates and has therefore a paradigmatic value.

The exhibition sets itself as ideal continuation to the anthology Al Dio ignoto (edited by G. Regolosi, L. Cioni, and P.Tamburini, published in the I libri dello spirito cristiano collection) and of the two decades work of elaboration and re – thinking


18 Agosto 2002 - 24 Agosto 2002


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