One hundred hearts to love Africa. The Missionary adventure of Saint Daniele Comboni


Sunday, August 22, 2010 – Saturday, August 28, 2010

Pavilion A3

Throughout the course of the nineteenth century, a time in which people looked at Africa as an object for exploration, occupation, partition, dominion, or as a continent to help and civilize, Daniele Comboni formed a “regeneration plan” proposing the method “save Africa with Africa,” according to which the African people were the subject promoted. In this he was a precursor, evangelizer, prophet, pioneer, missionary giant, liberator, priest and bishop, and, especially, friend of Africa. Starting from the fruits of this friendship, the exhibit tells his story, highlighting his origins, the significant encounters, the difficulties, and the results.

Curated by Fidel Gonzalez Fernandez, Ermanno Benetti, Bruno Biotti, Roberto Brun, Angelina Lavarini, Claudio Lurati, Lucia Melchiori, Chiara Mezzalira, Irene Micheletti.
With the collaboration of Fidel Gonzalez Fernandez.


22 Agosto 2010 - 28 Agosto 2010




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