Impressions produced by two thousand years of history on the threshold of the third millenium


‘Alongside the exhibition ‘From a Thousand to a Thousand: treasures and peoples of the Black Sea’, numerous side events have been organized which have aroused considerable interest: an update course for teachers, with the participation of over 150 teachers from all types and grades of school; an initiative with the cooperation of the “Marco Polo” State Technical Institute for Tourism of Rimini which saw over 20 students act as guides to their contemporaries from other Italian cities visiting the exhibition; and finally, the competition entitled, “Impressions produced by two thousand years of history on the threshold of the third mil-lennium”. Having taken its cue from the exhibition, the competition presented the participants with a critical and creative re-ela-boration of the objects and materials on show through three channels of expression: painting, gold design and manufac-tured goods. About seventy photos reached the Meeting before 15th June (date of presentation of works). The judges convened on 30th June at the Teatro Titano in San Marino for the first selection of the works presented. The judges were: Dr. Massimo Ciaccio, Editor of 1talia orafa”, Dr. Ermanno Arslan, Director of the Civic Archeological and Numismatic Collections, Milan, Dr. Maurizio Biordi, Director of the “Dinz Rialto” Museum in Rimini, Dr. Marco Bona Castellotti, professor of Art History at the Catholic University of Brescia, Professor Angela Donati, professor of Roman Antiquities at Bologna University, Dr. Pier Luigi Foschi, Director of Rimini’s City Museum, Dr. Paolo Pasini, Scientific Consultant of the Meeting Association, Mr. Roberto Ciaccio, painter, professor Armido della Bartola, painter, Dr. Gabriello Milantoni, Art Historian, Dr. Giuseppe Arzilli, goldsmith, Dr. Imelde Corelli Grappadelli, goldsmith, Dr. Bruno Cambone, President of CNA FNAART, Dr. Lorenza Bonifazi, teacher of Art History, Mr. Giovanni Taormina, painter and director of the “Celle” school of painting. The selected works, about 30, will be exhibited during the Meeting week in the Fair Pavilions. The judges will reconvene on that occasion to decide the names of the first two winners of each category to whom, thanks to the generosity of the sponsors, trips and holidays in Italy and abroad, and prestigious SEAT publications will be awarded.’


03 Maggio 1995 - 25 Giugno 1995


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