Human nature? To what an image, to what a dark resemblance

The artist’s hand, the effigy of the person
Contemporary Italian sculpture from Fioravanti to today

PART (Palazzo Arte Contemporanea – Contemporary Art Building) of Rimini

opening with inauguration on August 18


Curated by
Davide Rondoni

Ilario Fioravanti, Ugo Riva, Dario Tironi, Marianna Costi, Domenico Casadei, Elena Mutinelli

poems by Davide Rondoni

historical critical text by Beatrice Buscaroli

artistic direction Francesca Sacchi Tommasi

production/interviews Alberto Navilli, Nicola Malossi, Andrea Artioli

exhibition proposed by Accademia dei silenti

in collaboration with Pandèmia blog

with the support of Illumia

Over the millennia, sculpture has worked around the human figure, reading it, sometimes with admiration, sometimes with compositional fury and even decomposition. As in a great investigation of man on himself. From antiquity to the present day, finding yourself in front of a sculpture that surprises and offers human traits means accepting a strong question about one’s being body and more, about one’s human nature. In this time where the very idea of nature is at the center of great restlessness, of new challenges, of dangerous misunderstandings, stopping in front of the works means leaving the rhetoric, the dialectical swamp and creating a space for attention, amazement and wounded emotion.

In a journey starting from an undisputed master of the second half of the twentieth century, Ilario Fioravanti, on whom the greatest art writers (from Testori to Paolucci) have written, a journey takes place in the work of some contemporary sculptors, some already established masters, others which are consolidating, which address the theme of the human figure.

The path will make use of videos on the workmanship of the artists to underline the manual genius of the sculptors in this age of dematerialization and ambiguity of continuous abstraction and will be accompanied by writings on the subject and on the works.

The purpose of the exhibition, curated by a poet, is to offer a look at the image of man and the expression of his identity both in the creative process and in the effigy of the work.


20 Agosto 2021 - 25 Agosto 2021




PART di Rimini