Giussani 100. 1922-2022 The Centenary of his birth

Exhibition promoted by the Foundation of the Metting for Friendship Among Peoples
Taken from the virtual exhibition ( and curated by the Fraternity of Communion and Liberation.

The exhibition is taken from the virtual exhibition created on the occasion of the Centenary of Father Luigi Giussani’s birth, which we recommend to visitors of all ages and backgrounds as an engaging, dynamic, and shareable experience.
Building off of the content that characterizes the virtual exhibition, the Meeting offers the possibility of getting to know Father Giussani by combining reflections and comments about him with audio and video excerpts, some previously unpublished, taken from his speeches and lectures. A selection of photographs and images document key places and moments of his life.
Before starting, you will be able to see some of the many faces that make up the community generated by an encounter with Father Giussani’s life, people from all over the world who have found a word or a living experience full of attraction.
Finally, it will be possible to access the videos that social, cultural, and entrepreneurial entities have contributed to the virtual exhibition to tell of their connection with Father Giussani via interactive displays.


20 Agosto 2022 - 25 Agosto 2022




Padiglione C1