Fredoom aNATOmy - Meeting di Rimini
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Fredoom aNATOmy

Organized by the De Gasperi Foundation

Organized by the De Gasperi Foundation

In the year of the celebrations of the 70th anniversary of the establishment of NATO, the De Gasperi Foundation conceived the Freedom aNATOmy exhibition, with the aim of improving knowledge about NATO and the perception of the Atlantic Alliance as an instrument of stability, peace and security . The exhibition is a part of the ‘’Freedom is not free’’ project, the only Italian initiative that is part of NATO’s official 70-year celebrations program.
The exhibition space has a central layout and reminds every one of the control room environments, environments where complex situations are managed. The exhibition hall, however, is accessible to outside. The walls are covered with infographics: a timeline of the most relevant historical events from 1949 to the present, the themes that NATO deals with, an abacus of sensitive countries and one of NATO missions organized by type. At the center a large geo-referenced world map of the interventions of NATO in the world, to make its role perceived as a current reality, alive, strong and connected to the daily experience of every citizen. Finally, around the world map 4 online stations, allow visitors to browse the portal.


18 Agosto 2019




Padiglione A3
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