Energy as a resource: present situation and future prospects


‘Energy, with its impact on the environment and on the overall quality of life, plays a considerable part within the problem of the resources of man. Once again, the matter cannot be tackled in full if we do not place the totality of the human being at its centre. In other words, one cannot face the problem only in terms of cost cutting or fuel saving: it is firstly worth considering who the end user of this resource is going to be and what needs the resource will meet. Even if the matter in question is energy, the most important issue is that of the subject who is going to use this good. Hence, it is not primarily a technological problem: nevertheless, technology can play an important role in finding new ways of facing the matter. The exhibition, organised by the Italian national electricity board ENEL, presents some of them. Two aspects of the problem are examined in particular: energy saving and the so called alternative energies. Energy saving is a way of reducing waste and using this primary good more rationally. Alternative energies refer to the use of sources different from oil (for obvious reasons) or from dams and rivers, which are now being fully exploited for the production of energy for the whole Italian territory. The exhibition is made up of in scale models of plants or parts of plants, of panels, posters and of a ‘question and answer’ area, which answers the most recurrent questions on the problem of energy and its use, with the aid of slides.’


21 Agosto 1982 - 29 Agosto 1982


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