Faces that build… Annarita

22 September 2022

The infinite grace of living the Meeting

After many years of absence as a volunteer at the Meeting because sick with cancer, finally this year I had the gift of being able to be here, and to follow a friend who had told me how nice it was to work at “Dona Ora” “Donate now” I also choose this job.
I got started thinking it was a boring job... but Jesus always surpasses me from the right... 
As soon as I arrived, I came across the great passion of Natascia, Federica and Federico (our managers), a passion that then, throughout the week, moved them to have a tender attention for all of us, for each of us.
Then I meet the faces of all those who work in my sector, their stories, their immediately familiar look... an overabundance of good.

The daily meeting, then, with the donors is an explosion of humanity, every day I waited with gratitude to begin my turn, in six days many faces of young and old have passed by, who approaching the booth (with a red heart) had a look full of gratitude for the Meeting.
To the question I ask him “Why you donate?” extraordinary stories of everyday life have come out, because they are supported by belonging to the The infinite grace of living the Meeting history that generated the Meeting. I shared the emotion of men and women facing this question... what a grace!

“I donate so that the Meeting does not end and can be a possibility for my grandchildren”
“I donate because the Meeting is my home
“I donate because the Meeting has changed so many judgments and corrected so many prejudices
“I donate because the Meeting is my life
“I donate because thanks to this story, the relationship with my wife, with the children has become increasingly full of beauty, for this meeting that has made me free

The emotion is also for the child who comes to donate € 1 ... and I think “he is beginning to build his future”. Moved and grateful, I thank all those who contributed to the construction of the Meeting, giving me now the opportunity to live this beauty and bring it into the small of my daily life.