I’ll tell you a story…Miriam

15 June 2022
Miriam, 8 years old, tells us about “her” Meet the Meeting...

On Saturday 28 May, I did the Meet the Meeting in Via Roma in Casale Monferrato.

We settled like this: we procured iron panels from the Municipality, then we placed them in via Roma clearly visible, we attached with scotch tape the billboards of all the past years and of course also that of this year. They helped me to do it: my mom, my brother, then my friends.

At the beginning of the day I managed to give a bottle of wine to a person who offered 10 €. I said (to you and to the people you were interested in): “Good morning, are you interested in knowing something about the Rimini Meeting?”: “Oh yes, of course, I would like to know something.” “Then there are a few TITLES on display, there are titles from past years and there is also this year’s title.

Then if you want there is a box where we collect the offers for the Meeting and if you make an offer of at least 10 euros we can give you a bottle of barbera or ciarét”.

I also told that inside Meeting sheds there is always a Children’s Village for all children with the puppet theater and many shows, a Sports Village where are held various tournaments and there is a small circuit where you can go with the bikes available to take a ride and get a license (fake). Instead for adults there are various very interesting exhibitions that can also be seen by children.


Every year I want to attend Meet the Meeting because it’s fun. It’s fun because I like to go and ask people for offers both to help those who do the Meeting and because you know many people and because you do it together with friends


Miriam, Casale Monferrato

Thanks to Miriam and all the friends, volunteers and supporters who in recent weeks have designed and organized many events in cities throughout Italy, promoting the Meeting and collaborating in its construction.

Meet the Meeting continues, you too can donate and support the construction of the Meeting 2022.