Faces that build: Giovanna

17 November 2022

Who is the man to take care of?

This is what I asked myself when you told us to tell our story. Who am I so that you can be interested in why I come to the meeting to work? When you told us to tell our story. Who am I so that you can be interested in why I come to the meeting to work?

This year I returned to be a volunteer after skipping 2021 edition. Last year on summer, in fact, my husband died after a short illness of 5 months in which it was clear from the beginning that it would be hard to get out. We have lived this period with an intensity never felt before, together with our children and friends who have accompanied us in prayer. Three years earlier we suffered a loss and it was not the only one...

I had participated to the meeting working with my husband and I have returned with a friend.

I returned to affirm all the positivity of life for the encounter I had 50 years ago, by God’s grace, with a professor of mathematics, a field I have never had great sympathy for, who introduced me to Fr. Giussani.

The gratitude for all that the Lord has given me impels me to return to the meeting with joy and simplicity of heart because in those days is made overt His greatness and the good plan for each one of us.

I am always moved by all the attention and affection you have for us because it makes me feel not just a militant of a great event but an integral part of the event itself.

Thank you very much