Road to Meeting…eighth stage

30 May 2022

At the #meeting22 we will meet Rosario Livatino.

Sicilian magistrate and judge, killed 32 years ago by the Stidda, a mafia-type criminal organization and proclaimed blessed a year ago by Pope Francis.

The LAF - Libera Associazione Forense is at work to create an unprecedented exhibition.

They set out on the trail of his life, interviewed 22 friends, family and many colleagues of whom he had become the point of reference.

Friends said he had a "sapiential look at reality" for his deep intelligence in being in front of not only people but the social and criminal phenomena he encountered. They recall the extraordinary industriousness and effectiveness of his work in respecting in a surprising way all the procedural deadlines, always producing judgments particularly cared for in every respect. At stake was not only the ability to interpret and apply the law but the profound need for a relationship with the person who must be judged. A pure relationship, that is, fully respectful of the facts concerning the person, and therefore of the law that concerns these facts, without any forcing or pre-established scheme.

Where did this look come from?

The legacy that Livatino left is not only for those who administer justice.

In fact, we will know not a perfect man, but a real man, as summarized by his most famous phrase: "When we die, no one will come to ask us how much we have been believers, but how credible we were".