Theo Boer, Lindeboom Professor of Health Care Ethics at Kampen Theological University; Elvira Parravicini, Director of the Neonatal Comfort Care Program and Associate Professor of Pediatrics at Columbia University Medical Center; Antonio Pesenti, Department of Anesthesia-Rianimation at the Polyclinic of Milan. Introduced by Marco Maltoni, Director of the Unit of Palliative Cares, Forlì and Medicina e Persona Association.

“What is man that You are mindful of him?”. This is the underlying question, usually asked by people to other people, of the testimonies of three care professionals, apparently dealing in their daily lives with very different situations but all related to the main purpose of healthcare: taking care of every single moment in a person’s life. They will talk about themselves: – the international promoter of comfort care, neonatal palliative care for babies, whose life expectancy is extremely short, and their families; – the head of the I.C.U. network of Lombardy region and beyond who, during the Coronavirus crisis, did is best to admit to I.C.U. the largest number of patients in the most suitable way; – a major member of the Dutch Ministerial Commission dealing with the processing and execution of euthanasia requests, who resigned when he realized that euthanasia, even though at first he considered it as a possible “last resort solution”, had become the default way to die. Personal, painful, unpredictable, bleeding pathways sharing a common trait: being personally open towards others, to mystery and, for many, to the Mystery.


19 Agosto 2020