It is high time to participate

Caterina Cesana, Teacher at the social cooperative In-Presa; Claudia Fiaschi, Spokesperson for the Third Sector Forum; Marco Morganti, Head of the Impact Direction of Intesa Sanpaolo Group (TBC); Carlos Olivero, Priest, Familia Grande dell’Hogar de Cristo, Argentina; H. Exc. Mons. Filippo Santoro, Archbishop of Taranto. Introduced by Stefano Gheno, President of Cdo Opere Sociali.

The pandemic has, among other things, accelerated a drifting process that was already evident through the deep-rooted individualism of the Western world, whereby the individual withdraws, delegating the tackling of problems to institutions, only to then feel a continuous and profound dissatisfaction at the institutions’ inability to respond to continually arising needs. It is therefore important to go back to a participatory dynamic, which in current life settings, is often slowed down, if not hindered, by a widespread rejection of the inevitable fatigue entailed by any kind of relationship.



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22 Agosto 2021






Sala Ravezzi