Introducing the Meeting abroad

Since its origin, the Rimini Meeting has toured the world to tell its experience: Belo Horizonte, Budapest, Chisinau, Dublin, Novosibirsk, Paris (Unesco), Prague, Rio de Janeiro, Salvador De Baia, São Paulo, Wien, Washington.

The year 2011 was featured by two major events: the visit to the United Nations and the one in Japan. In May, for the first time in its history, the Rimini Meeting visited the world organization par excellence (UN) to talk about the Meeting’s example of freedom and real friendship, a meeting place for everybody, beyond any border in the world.

In October, the Rimini Meeting arrived in Japan for a five-day dialogue on globalization and faith along with Buddhist monks. The meeting started off in Tokyo, first at the Italian Embassy and later at the Italian Institute of Culture. Afterwards, the visit moved on to the Mount Koya Doctor’s House, among natural beauties and majestic architectural structures. Finally, it headed to the severe atmosphere of the Zen tradition of the Eiheiji Temple in Fukui. This visit was made possible by the long-lasting friendship between Fr. Luigi Giussani and Reverend Professor Shodo Habukawa.

In May 2012 the Meeting landed for the first time in Lebanon, where it was presented at the Italian Embassy in Beirut.

The Meeting also travelled to Russia. In November 2012 it visited the historical Berg Villa, where the Italian Embassy in Moscow is located. Later on, in March 2013 the Meeting had the pleasure to return to this Country in order to prepare the exhibition dedicated to the Russian martyrs. Two events that tell of a deep bond between the Rimini Meeting and the Russian culture.

The mission of the Meeting in Egypt arises from the collaboration with the Library of Alexandria, where conferences are held from 22nd to 24th of October 2018.

On October 22nd, conferences were held in the conference room of the library: "The gift of difference: pluralism that builds the self", "The difference, a base of the knowledge and we want everything 1968-2018".

On Tuesday 23rd, a conference was held in Cairo about “Religious pluralism, a basis for cohabitation” and the day after the Meeting met the Great Imam of al-Azhar Ahmad al-Tayyeb”.

Furthermore, the Meeting has stable relationships with other realities that have roots in harmony with the intent of communication and friendship among people, like the Meeting Cairo, Encuentro Madrid, and the New York Encounter and many other experiences which continue to grow worldwide.