Faces that build… Stefano e Francesco

20 February 2024

Stefano Ferri, an engineer for over 20 years, has been responsible for the set-up of the Meeting and tells us how every year, immediately after closing the edition, he starts to work for the following year after hearing the provocation of the title.

“After receiving basic information, together with the design office, we begin to outline the contours of the Masterplan or the general plan of the Meeting where all the areas that will be realized are reported, including the functional spaces for the technical work of preparation and assistance of the Meeting, from the offices to the various warehouses.”

Immediately Stefano works by involving the many volunteer friends who share with him the responsibility for all three phases that characterize the Meeting event: set-up, event and take-down.

"This comparison is fundamental because everyone's experience becomes a shared heritage and optimizes the design and consequently the work”, Stefano tells us.

Stefano continues, “Today the Masterplan for the 2024 edition is set and we have already begun the detailed designs of the individual spaces, involving the architect friends for the exhibitions, the Kids' village, the various sports and the rooms for meetings and shows.  It is really a synergistic work that requires the collaboration of many people so that everything can grow in a unified and appropriate way to the purpose, in search of beautiful, comfortable and easy-to-use spaces."

The deputy director of the Meeting, Francesco Rainone, is also in charge of operation and catering and is one of the people who is most involved with Stefano in this design phase.

Francesco tells how in this period we are working on the proposal of catering services, analyzing the data of the previous edition, the feedback received from the Meeting attendees and the feedback from restaurateurs and volunteers engaged in this sector.

“We are working with the partners, who every year accompany us in the organization of the event – says Francesco – to make their presence synergistic both in terms of content and in terms of beauty.”

“Starting in January - Stefano tells us - we started the search for materials to optimize purchases and supplies, such as 'green' (plants, shielding elements, etc.), carpet and much more. We are waiting for several months of work that will serve on the one hand to lead to the complete definition of all the areas, and on the other to organize the precious work of the volunteers who will work in the various phases.”

The beautiful thing is that this complex work is the result of the involvement of many people who put themselves into play with skills and heart in the construction of this cathedral, which we can call the Meeting, that has to be physically reconstructed every year.

This certainly plays in favor of a beauty that can only grow and that remain among people forever.