Road to Meeting 2021 – Tenth stage

29 July 2021
Watch this video on YouTube and click here for English subtitles

Just over 3 weeks and finally we will meet again at the Meeting! It is close and today you only need to prepare a very small hand luggage... your smartphone! In fact, everything you need to experience the 2021 Meeting in person is at your fingertips: just download the Rimini Meeting APP and follow the instructions that will allow you to generate your personal QRcode.
Thanks to this code you can live the Meeting in complete safety, together with whoever you want and when you want! You will be able to create your own agenda, book guided visits to exhibitions and a seat in the conference hall. We asked Sofia to summarize the main steps to start using the App in a short tutorial: watch it you too and send it to friends who will share the week of the Meeting with you!

If you can’t be in Rimini you can still experience the Meeting with us! All the scheduled conferences and the contents of the 2021 exhibitions will be visible both live and on demand on the website
Also this year we will be able to live the Meeting all together, every day and in safety. Our goal since last September has been to be able to meet each other again at the Meeting, but also to arrive, as in 2020, at the edge of the world to experience the Meeting together with the most distant friends. This will continue to be possible thanks to you and your support.

Live the 2021 Meeting with us, donate now and become part of this great story!