Road to Meeting 2021 – Last stage

8 August 2021

A desire has been born in us for some years. Not just reciprocate the gratuity of the many friends who have always supported us. But dilate it. Like a stone that is thrown into the water. Touching the water, the stone creates a circle that spontaneously expands into many other circles around it. The experience of the gift has created the same effect in us. To give, to receive, to give back and again to give, to receive, to give back, from person to person. An open circularity, capable of expanding and expanding over time and throughout the world.

In these 42 years we have experienced with ever increasing amazement and gratitude that the gift consists of a bond. The gift is a relationship that sustains and strengthens the bond with others. If the Meeting was born and grew it is thanks to these ties, this capacity for gift encountered in the thousands of people who, from the beginning, made available time, resources and creativity. People who supported the “Meeting value”.

The Meeting received a lot and returned in beauty, in culture, in testimonies of life. This year we want the stone thrown 42 years ago to make a large circle as far as Uganda. This is why we have decided that part of the donations received in the week of the 2021 Meeting will support the growth of the children of the Welcoming House in Kampala, so that the value of the gift will multiply.

At the Welcoming House in Kampala, Rose Busingye welcomes children and young people often coming from difficult situations with the desire to make them live a family experience and revive in them the enthusiasm given by being loved.

From tomorrow, whether you are in Rimini or you are following the Meeting at a distance, multiply the value of your gift: your support is a gift that opens up to the world!