Valuing talent. Parliamentary Intergroup for subsidiarity

Press Meeting

The enhancement of talents Italian is the argument made by the Parlimentary theme for subsidiarity in the meeting at 17.00 in room Neri. At the speakers’ table five parliamentary representatives of the Intergroup: Senator Federica Chiavaroli and Members Matteo Colaninno, Lorenzo Dellai, Dario Nardella, William Vaccaro and Raffaello Vignali.
What are the problems that hinder the objective of the promotion of talent and who is responsible? What can be done to promote the expression of the potential that each person is unique and unrepeatable carries? These are the common questions to which they responded the protagonists encounter. For Federica Chiavaroli, Senator of the PDL, “the progress of a country depends on the development of human capital. Italy suffers from two types of problems, a quantitative and a qualitative analysis. We are the nation’s second demographically oldest in Europe and also the country that has an educational system that is no longer able, as well as she has done in the sixties, of training young talent. In the opinion of the senator “it is essential”, then, “to promote and encourage education welfare policies to guide the youth and talent, without being afraid to reward merit.” And quoting Plutarch: “young people are lanterns to light.” For the deputy of the pd Stefano Nardella “young talents share a feeling of deep disappointment, expecting little from the country. Instead just begging to be able to do what they have studied and an opportunity to allow them to express the potential and energies that lead inside. ”
Indeed, the data also confirm a picture is not very idyllic. Colaninno shows the economic damage suffered Italy: “Our country lost 180 million euro per year in the relationship between the costs used in the training and the brain drain. And the young Italians abroad produce a value of over 900 million. Among the avenues to curb corruption need to focus on innovation and competition, creating a financial system at the service of youth and talent. ”
According to all the speakers you can achieve a turnaround on the issue of promotion of talent. The policy – it is a common belief – has a great responsibility and its role should be to create the best conditions for this to happen. How? Increasing the credibility of the country, continuing a dialogue between different forces as in the current government, fostering the encounter among the diversities placing the common good interest at the first place and investing in research. Moreover, a successful experiment of all this is represented precisely by the Parlimentary for Subsidiarity.