The traveling exhibitions of the Meeting

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Rimini, Saturday August 25th – For 18 years, Exhibitions is committed to satisfying the requests of the increasing numbers of the participants. There were a lot of aids, translated to several languages, they were displayed on the panel support and support tools (catalogs , multimedia tools ,etc.) so this way people could acquire an educational character and encourage moments of meeting and debate in schools, universities, municipal offices, centers cultural, associations and institutions of various kinds.

Every year more than 150 exhibitions take place , and around 100,000 people come to visit them from around the world. There are 8 area of interest : current events, history, art, literature, science, music, Christianity, exhibitions for children . The big catalog of the exhibitions include over 200 titles among the exhibits presented at the Meeting from 1980 to today.

Some last edition exhibitions were added:

To these are added also some of the last edition exhibitions:

Is anyone hearing my cry? Job and the enigma of suffering: the problem of evil and of innocent suffering has always questioned the human being. In the last three centuries, however, it has become a question of the goodness and the very existence of God. How can a good God ever allow this? The biblical book of Job recalls the problem of suffering in a very effective and current way. The exhibition repurposes the agony in a conversation with our peers.

Gestures and words. Jorge Mario Bergoglio, an original presence: the exhibition offers a journey through the life, formation and pastoral action of Pope Francis, a personality forged in faith in Christ and in belonging to the Church, with clear European roots that come together in the experience historical-cultural of the Latin American people of God.

We want everything: 1968-2018: organized by a group of university professors and students, the space arises from the desire to deepen a decisive moment in the history of the twentieth century. So many are the themes that emerged in the Sixty-eight that still today challenge us and urge us to ask ourselves whether the current “change in age” has its roots even in that sort of “anthropological revolution” that began in the 1960s.

Enjoy the game. When sport moves history: are there men in the sport’s world who have been, and still are, an example of how sport can be a theater of happiness for those who practice it and those who watch it? The exhibition presents three: Jesse Owens, Roger Federer and Valentino Rossi.

Science is the first charity for the sick. Giancarlo Rastelli: the exhibition on the cardio surgeon Giancarlo Rastelli reconstructs the human and professional story, from the revolutionary discoveries on congenital heart disease to the charitable activities that illuminated his entire career and in particular the last years marked by a serious illness.

Romano Guardini 1885-1968. I would like to help others so that see the world from a new angle: why the person and the works of Romano Guardini are interesting for men and women and, above all, for the young people of the third millennium? These are the questions that the exhibition tries to answer, which wants to meet the “man” Guardini, whose troubled and wide-open heart has never stopped asking questions from himself, from the reality in his irreducible “polarity” and tension, from his students, from the institutions, from the Church, thus admirably giving voice to the questions of every man, to our questions.

Narnia’s sailing ship: the exhibition based on the story of “The chronicles of Narnia” by C.S. Lewis. Millennia for today. Archeology against the war: yesterday’s Urkesh in today’s Syria; and then Ar-abs and Europe: interactions, the unsuspected contaminations between Arab art and other cul-tures.

The traveling exhibitions are managed by IES (International Exhibition Service srl), present during the Meeting from 10.30 to 21.00 at the Meeting Exhibitions stand in South Hall.

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