Press Meeting

Guides to the listening of classical music live

The traditional serial appointments of Guides to the listening of classical music masterpieces live comes back at the Meeting with the CD collection Spirto Gentil, in Neri Room. The event is by Pier Paolo Bellini, in collaboration with Performing Arts. The start is on august 19 at 7 p. m. with the Preludes by Sergei Rachmaninov.
It is essential to adopt a “personal” slant to listen to and understand Rachmaninov’s music, Bellini underlines, even when the music is “absolute”, without a text, i.e. a prelude, as the composer himself explains: “ If we want to understand the psychology of a prelude, it is vital to know that its function is not to express a climate but instead to induce it”. We are in presence of pieces meant to “introduce” us, they want us to make an experience”.
Sometimes tender and melancholic, sometimes more animated and dramatic, the striking melodies by Rachmaninov, with their essential quietness, tell of the human depth which has given them birth. The christian matrix, which generate Rachmaninov’s conscience, consists of tangible things, of tangible relationships, of a community.
“What a certainty and richness, then, generates the individual creativity!” don Luigi Giussani wrote about these Preludes. “When it identifies with the life of the community, it reaches its greatest maturity; maturity becomes total and increasingly full the more it identifies with the whole community, engaging fully in its own affection and creativity, up to carry the whole community”.
On Wednesday, 21 of august, at 7 p. m. by Luca Belloni, the listening of the Unfinished Simphony by Franz Schubert will follow. “This is the most famous Schubert’s piece, Giussani wrote, but it is also the greatest: as a piece, it is unfinished because it hasn’t been achieved materially (because of his death). However, the incompleteness of life is also the real theme of the symphony”.
Third and final appointment again at 7 p. m., august 23, with Concertos for piano and orchestra by W. A. Mozart. The pianist Chris Vath from New York will guide the listening.