Manalive: a man alive

Press Meeting

Theatrical Performance in two acts adapted from Chesterton

The world premiere of Manalive – a living man, theatrical performance in two acts, freely adapted from the text’s work of GK Chesterton, was staged this evening, at 9.45, at Novelli Theatre of Rimini. The production of the Meeting for Friendship among Peoples and company, in collaboration with GK Chesterton Institute for Faith & Culture at Seton Hall University and Made Creative Workshop was organized in the dramaturgical aspects by Giampiero Pizzol and directed by the director of Othello Cenci, with contributions from Annalisa Teggi Garafulich and Gloria, one of the curators of the exhibition in the sky a room: Welcome home in Chesterton, held at the Meeting in the square C1 and Marco Sermarini. On stage, Laura Aguzzoni, Giampiero Bartolini, Giampiero Pizzol, Gianluca and Andrea Reggiani Soffiantini.
The evocative and engaging show, captured from the start the audience at Teatro Novelli, sold out. On stage, the trial of the alleged facts for which Innocent Smith would have been guilty has kept alive the public’s attention, accompanying him gradually to realize that it were not the facts under attack, but their interpretation.
The scene between order and disorder in turn has become the stage for the interpretation / performance of the crimes of Smith. On the dock, then, the use of reason in the fight against nihilism, relativism and skepticism prevailing at the time of Chesterton (almost) as our own.
Brilliant interpretation of the actors, even with ballets, including crates of books, wind, snow, smoke and the inevitable gunshots addressed to the head of the perfect rationalist, “forced” to raise a hymn to life to escape to its own logic. At that point the scene involved the front row of the audience. Soffiantini’s performance was superior. Pulled down in the slightest nuances of the spirit of the English court, he has repeatedly won the applause of the audience, even during the scenes.
At the end of the show Otello Cenci invited the public to visit the exhibition “The sky in a room: welcome to Chesterton’s” curated by Ubaldo Casotto, Edward Rialti, Annalisa Teggi and Gloria Garafulich Garbois who will present its volume of Chesterton, originated from the work at the Chesterton Institute for Faith and Culture and hosted by the Italian Chesterton Society, on Wednesday at 11.15 am at the Literary Café Eni A3.
Tomorrow night a replication will be staged:Tuesday, August 20, 2013, at Teatro Novelli at 09.45 p.m. Tickets already sold out for Sunday, August 18.