Learning rom the beauty

Press Meeting

Four great artistic cycles narrated by Mariella Carlotti. Presentation dvd (ed. Ithaca)

When you reach maturity, a friendship is true if it makes you say “I”, and if it makes you “world”. What makes us proud is not how we said it, but what we tried to say. ”
The dialogue entitled Learning from beauty has reached these considerations. Four great artistic cycles narrated by Mariella Carlotti, which took place in the context of the XXXIV edition of the Meeting for Friendship among Peoples, in room D5 Frecciarossa, at 19:45. On stage, with the art expert, comedian Paul Cevoli and Marco Barbone, communications manager of the CDO.
Carlotti said, at the invitation of Barbone, how it was born her passion for medieval art, but then continued highlighting some meetings that led her to “look to know what I already knew.” This was the first with the Majesty of Duccio da Buoninsegna, but also with the sculptural cycle of Giotto bell tower in Florence, the frescoes in the Basilica of St. Francis in Assisi, the frescoes of the Pilgrimage of the Hospital of Santa Maria della Scala in Siena, the frescoes of Good Government in the public palace of Siena, presented in the boxed set of dvds, Ithaca editions, on sale in the library of the Meeting.
The four dvd all derive from papers presented at the Meeting of the previous editions, born from the desire to put in the middle of the pavilion of the CDO issues such as man, love, work, politics, the words whose meaning is fundamental today reflect. What is the horizon for everything? “The idea – spirga Carlotti – that civilization told in those cycles is what defines Europe as a continent.”
All this would not have occurred without the meeting, almost random, with Paolo Cevoli. The comedian from Romagna, speaking with more than a few jokes during the story of the Carlotti, explained how he has matured in the same passion to talk about himself through his work: “One who has a beautiful thing, it’s a smear if it does not communicate it to others”.