Children’s Village

Follow the music, the colors, the joy and arrive at the Children’s Village! 3000 square meters designed entirely for children and teenagers from 1 to 12 years.

Every day creative and scientific workshops to build, invent and learn, the laboratory of journalism led by professional journalists, board games, the puppet theater with stories to watch and draw and the “animated” bookshop to listen, read, and let  your fantasy fly.

Do not miss the meetings on art, music, sports and evening shows in the theater. Every evening the day ends with the Capobanda who tells bedtime stories.

A fundamental element of the Village are the exhibitions, which in 2018 were dedicated to the themes "The sailing ship of Narnia" from the book written by C.S. Lewis and "Light, cross, voice and ... walnut - the adventurous life of St. Anthony of Padua ".

You will also find the Kids Area for children up to 3 years, and the Papperia (a quiet and equipped place for moms and their babies), while for children aged from 4 to 8 years the appointment is at the Baby-club ... with many other surprises to discover!