Voluntary work

Build the Meeting with us

Every year from Italy and from all over the world, thousands of volunteers arrive in Rimini (2600 in 2018) independently supporting their own travel and accommodation expenses, and collaborating in the realization of the Meeting. A living testimony of how gratuitousness is a possible and experimentable value. Many sectors and tasks in which volunteers apply, from catering to the reception service, from surveillance to the graphic sector, from public relations to the press office, but also, translations, promotion, hostesses and stewards, medical services, sports, parking ... A really long list that is not made of numbers but of faces, so much so that the stories to tell would be many: there are people who have contributed to the Meeting since its first edition in 1980. The common experience is that "what you receive working at the Meeting is more than what you give ». To be able to work at the Meeting as a volunteer, availability is required from the day before the event starts until the final day. During registration, you can report your own willingness to stop at disassembly on the day after the event finishes. You can register, normally starting from May (the exact date is published annually on this website) on: iscrizione@meetingrimini.org 

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