What does "being italian" mean?

A series of conferences on the identity of our country

"In the Western world, a fundamentalist and discriminatory idea is taking hold, a configuration that sees in the different from oneself an enemy. This idea is also affecting Italy, but historically this identity does not belong to us. We are a country with many cultures, open towards those who are different from us. It is about wanting to discuss the true Italian identity in contrast with that based on the discrimination which has been forming in recent years’’

This is how Luciano Violante explained where he developed the idea of the cycle of conferences entitled "Being Italian", that brought the testimonies of Brunello Cucinelli, Andrea Simoncini, Gabriele Lavia and Diego Piacentini at the 2018 Meeting. Parallel to the meetings, the idea was born to encompass another 21 stories in a video made for us by Francesco Bernardini and Simona Angela Gallo. We propose it to you.