Lupi Maurizio
Lupi Maurizio

Maurizio Lupi (Milan 1959) is Member of Parliament and National Coordinator of “Noi con l’Italia”.
He is Member of Parliament since 2001; he has been Minister for Infrastructures and Transports (2013-2015), Vice President of the Chamber of Deputies (2008-2013) and President of the Deputies of “Alternativa popolare” (2015-2018).
He starts his social and political adventure during the years of Università Cattolica with Cattolici Popolari and the foundation of Cusl (University Cooperative for School and Work).
In 1993 he is elected in the City Council of Milan for the Christian Democrats party (DC). In 1997 he is elected again with Forza Italia and becomes Councilor for the Development of the Territory, Private Households and Street Furniture in the City Council led by Albertini.
From 1994 to 2014 he has been CEO of Fiera Milano Congressi of Milan Fair. He is one of the founders (2003) of the Mixed Parliamentary Group for Subsidiarity.

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