Meet the Meeting – Watch the Backstage

May 2021

What has been the value of Meet the Meeting? Views, positive comments, the number of people attending the events?

The value of Meet the Meeting strongly sprung months ago, when more that 100 cities decided to get involved and work with us bringing the event from Rimini to their squares, cinemas, cloisters and theatres. An event that united over 1000 volunteers to those who worked on site behind the scenes.

To all of them, to those who contributed with their creativity, their time, thei job, to those who made translations or agreements with wineries, to those who changed graphics and location until the very last minute, we would like to send our heartfelt


We would like to dedicate this video to those who found out about the event just passing by as well as to those who worked with us from the very beginning. A video about the construction of an extraordinary day.

Meet the Meeting in still going on! Until May, 30th you can donate and receive a bottle of wine as gift. Do not wait anymore, there are only few bottles left!

Watch again and share Meet the Meeting live streamed event, here