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August 2019

Rimini, 18th August 2019. Maria Elisabetta Alberti Casellati, President of the Senate of the Italian Republic today, at 15:00, in the Auditorium Intesa San Paolo in B3, has opened the XL edition of the Meeting for friendship amongst people. She was introduced by Emilia Guarnieri, President of the Meeting for Friendship Amongst Peoples Foundation and Giorgio Vittadini, President of the Foundation for Subsidiarity.

In the heart of the place that “has known how to put in the centre the dialogue among different experiences” for forty years, Casellati brings into focus the relational nature of the human being: “ Every man is destined to be put in a social formation that educated him to listen, to compare and to the active participation at the democratic life”. The intermediate institutions such as the school and the family are experiencing, at the moment, a great crisis. “ The demographic winter we are going through is a sign of a society still attached to a present and unable to face a future of growth and prosperity”. This creates the necessity to invest in parenting with economic and fiscal measures and, especially, organizational that “ will favour a modern and virtuous balance in the family life of women. A presence of women in the job market around the 60%, will ensure the growth of the PIL of 7 points”. Casellati has subsequently announced an event, in the next months, focusing on this theme. The missing equity of the Italian school system is the second critical point to be considered “ there is no freedom without freedom of education: public and state-recognised private school are both equal instruments for the growth of an individual”. We also see a lively and creative recovery of the tertiary sector, for that Casellati concluded that “ is my intention to institute a prize”.

Vittadini preceded the speech of the second most important state office with the analysis of the critical state of our country: “ This is caused by a problem of personal and collective impoverishment”. From where we can begin again? “ The challenge is educational: to build again a subject that is able to thoroughly use his humanity, that recognises that he can’t build and create alone”. The Rimini Meeting is full of vocational training works that demonstrate how this challenge is possible.

Emilia Guarnieri, introducing the Senate President reading the telegram sent by the President of the Italian Republic. “This is a free place that we want to keep building and that we offer to every man as a dialogue opportunity.