Youth, talent and the Master

Dialogue with Pupi Avati, Director. Introduced by Otello Cenci, Shows Manager of the Meeting for Friendship Amongst Peoples Foundation.

It is said that each of us is responsible for the gifts we have received, every day we measure ourselves on the basis of the abilities that we know or do not know how to exploit to distinguish oneself, to become ‘someone’. Then there are those that feel themselves a sort of predestined ones, i.e., they perceive that something special, extraordinary will happen in their life. But unfortunately discovering one’s own qualities and predispositions is almost never an obvious thing, often we must be lucky enough to meet a person who provokes us, spurs us on and educates us, getting the best the best out ourselves. To become ‘someone’, so that unique and exceptional people may mature, masters are needed who are able to recognize talent and make it flourish.



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22 Agosto 2021






Sala Generali B4