You’ll never walk alone.

Curated by CdO Agroalimentare.


Considering the other as good in professional experience is not immediate or easy. We could be afraid of losing what we have conquered or opportunism and even loneliness could prevail.
The protagonists of the four stories of this exhibit are ordinary people: Luciano, a mill owner in Romagna; Patrizia, owner of a factory producing cold cuts of meat in Veneto; Peppe, an employee in the public administration of Sicily region and Elisa, who makes bread with some prisoners in Opera, in the province of Milan. Ordinary people who have taken the “risk” to consider the other as a good for them in everyday life, even when it seems an enemy or an obstacle for their work. Their stories show how the human heart needs to be educated in order to affirm that the other is always a good. It is the new concept of themselves they have reached that lets them see the other as a good, otherwise it would not be possible.
Every story will be told by texts, pictures, videos and… by the final tasting of some products, which are the outcome of the work done by the protagonists of the exhibit.


19 Agosto 2016 - 25 Agosto 2016




Piazza A1
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