Thomas Becket – His life


‘The principal milestones in the life of Thomas Becket, presented in twelve large pictures 110×84, drawn spe-cially for the Meeting by Franco Vignazia, who has staged exhibition of his graphic works and paintings at Forlì, Bologna, Mantua, Salsomaggiore Terme, etc. In 1987-88 the exhibition entitled, «Mary, Memory of the Church» was held. This was composed of 50 Litanies of Loreto recited through pictures and toured various towns including Milan, Bologna, Belluno, Forlì, Loreto, sanctuary of Pompei, Sanctuary of Pietralba. Vignazia bas illustrated books for various publishing com-panies: Forum, Jaca Book and Marietti. He has also created sculptures and painting for places of worship and churches. His iconographic research relates back to Romanesque art, with an expressive recuperation of the Symbol.’


25 Agosto 1990 - 09 Gennaio 1990


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