The possibility to say ‘I’. The mystery of language

Andrea Moro, Neurolinguist and writer, Professor of General Linguistics, IUSS, University of Applied Sciences, Pavia. Introduced by Mauro Ceroni, Professor of Neurology, Department of Sciences of the Nervous System and Behaviour, University of Pavia. Director of the General Neurology Unit, National Neurological Institute IRCCS Mondino in Pavia.

In order to try to understand the immensity of the courage to say ‘I’, we must first understand what gives us the possibility to say ‘I’. It is therefore necessary to reflect on the uniqueness of human language and how it expresses the neurobiological architecture, which is unique to our species. We will go through the discovery of “impossible” languages in order to savour the freedom we are allowed within the borders of Babel.



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20 Agosto 2021






Auditorium Intesa Sanpaolo D1