The Picasso atelier


‘As the title suggests, this exhibition has a dual articulation. The first section presents 25 lithographs, printed on both sides, of de-signs made by Picasso in his “Carnet de la Californie”, the villa near Cannes where the maestro lived and worked in the “fifties”; the atmo-sphere of the workshop is re-created with the aid of giant-sized photo-graphs. The exhibition then displays the ‘Imaginary Portraits’; 29 lithographs, kindly lent by the Feld Collection, the execution of which was entrusted by Picasso to the printer Marcel Salinas in 1969. It is a well-known fact that the great artist felt very possessive about his work, and did not allow it to be used by others; however, having seen the proofs printed by Salinas, Picasso immediately gave his consent to the process of re-production. The exhibition allows us to become acquainted with one of the many aspects of the multi-facetted activity of Picasso.’


22 Agosto 1987 - 29 Agosto 1987


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