The Masai Bible


‘The artist who painted the beautiful pictures in the Masai Bible (Masai is the name of an African population) is a German Benedictine who lives in Tanzania, Eastern Africa. While teaching Masai children the story of the Bible, the nun, specialised in veterinary medicine, had the idea of illustrating the Old and New Testament with her own pictures, although she had never painted before. The amazing thing is that with this first work, she managed to create a touching illustration of the Bible, of very joyous tones. She reaches a unique form of expression thanks to the use of original African stylistic elements. There are 70 original paintings: in Rimini, both original works and copies will be displayed. The German publisher Bel-ser has co-operated with the Italian Jaca Book on the publishing of an elegant volume, in a large format, which shows the paintings of the Masai Bible.’


24 Agosto 1985 - 31 Agosto 1985


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