The economic adventure


‘It is a widespread opinion that economy is a matter exclusively for eco-nomists, and furthermore that it is that sphere of human activity con-nected with money or with the desire of gain. The exhibition aims to propose the message that economy is none other than a dimension of human activity. There are four sections. The first introduces the argument, the second is dedicated to the system of “agricultural economy” (8,000 B.C. – 1750 A.D.), the third and most consistent section concentrates on the “indu-strial economy” (1750-1950), furnishing the visitor with a description of the principal phenomena which characterise our present economic system. The concluding part of the exhibition is a window which opens onto the future. Images, graphs and short notes are integrated by models and by inte-ractive instruments which facilitate the understanding of themes which are often of difficult comprehension by the use of games.’


22 Agosto 1987 - 29 Agosto 1987


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