‘The First World War represent a great divide in the conscience of the people of Europe who, only a few decades earlier, had considered war to be defeated once and for all and humanity to be on the road to a future of peace and well-being. The crisis of the individual, without quality and without an identity, de-nounced by artists and writers, is made manifest in war, the crisis of society and modernity seen as a chance for man to build a world without God, a world of which he himself will be the victim. The photos presented at the exhibition all show scenes of the Great War and have been loaned by the Orsini Photographic Foundation, owned by Mr. Enrico Orsini whose father, Armando, was a member of the Film Department of Army Supreme Command. The Orsini Photographic Foundation is the largest of its kind in Italy and owns about 3,500 prints many of which have been recently published by Europrom Edizioni in “Inedito dal fronte 1915-1918”. The picture that symbolizes the exhibition is that of a soldier sitting in a trench looking at a photo of his loved ones and of another whose eyes are full of desire for something far away. The representation of these pictures to our memory has brought about the need to liberate the cry they contain, the cry that is of a man outraged in his right to live and be happy, to have a home and to work for the love of those he belongs to. This exhibition has been built up along the lines of the sentiment of the dignity and sacredness of life, so often sacrificed for no reason.’


24 Agosto 1991 - 31 Agosto 1991


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