Take care of the seed. Stories of people and their new startfrom desire

Curated by CDO Agroalimentare


“What the farmer does when a river sweeps over the levees and spills into the fields: you have to take care of the seed. When the river recedes to its bed, the ground will show forth and the sun will dry it. If the farmer has saved his seeds, he’ll be able to spread them on the ground made even more fertile by the silt of the river, and the seeds will bear fruit, and the swollen and golden grains will bear bread, life, and hope for mankind. You have to take care of the seed…”.
From Don Camillo e Peppone (Giovanni Guareschi)

The social, political and working world of today is complicated; it is unfavorable to new initiatives, and sometimes demoralizing. Some people consider it already irrecoverable, and the faction of skeptics and defeatists is continually expanding.

Once again the river has swept the banks and flooded fields. But the farmer knows, as the Christ of Guareschi says, that he can start again as long as he saves the seed; which is essential to have when the river recedes and the conditions permit it. The difficulties present for everyone are evident in the experiences collected in this exhibit. Some people, however, did not get stuck and moved on.

His desire is for a “good for everyone” and confidently and curiously faces its reality by showing a positivity hidden to others. Simple and concrete stories of men who have “saved” their wish, and have accepted the challenge of the circumstances.


20 Agosto 2015 - 26 Agosto 2015




Piazza A1 Intesa Sanpaolo
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