SAMBA RAIZ. The roots of Samba

A musical moment with Essencia BH of Belo Horizonte and the true samba of the favelas. Poetic journey to discover traditional Brazilian rhythms and songs.


There is a story that leads to the roots of samba. Some years ago, Regina, director of Dora, one of the AVSI kindergartens of Belo Horizonte, knowing of my passion for samba, invited me to try a club called Opção, where they play this kind of music.
Expressly because of my passion, I had already been to other places where they sing and play the samba, but as I entered that place it became visible and breathable that atmosphere of mystery and human richness which belongs to the favela: It seemed as if I had just entered a “Roda di Samba.” These musicians are not human interpreters of the samba, but the living samba itself.
Having then come to know Ronaldo Antonio da Silva, the soul of the Group at the Rangos bar Opção I discovered that he has the samba in his blood: in fact, he was born and raised in the favela of Lagoinha, many years ago he founded a samba school and composed more than 200 pieces.
The reason why I chose to bring Ronaldo and his team to play at the Meeting is because when you find something beautiful and great, you want to make it known to all. Precisely for this reason, for me the Meeting becomes a great opportunity to bring people to discover the real samba.

Rosetta Brambilla
Manager of the Avsi kindergartens in Belo Horizonte – Brasil


25 Agosto 2010






Telecom Italia Arena D3