RADIOLONDRA. “Certe Volte live”

Francesco Picciano, Voice and Guitar; Pietro Beltrani, Piano, Keyboards, Courts; Filippo Zoffoli, Bass and backing vocals, Carlo Rinaldini, Guitars


Radio Londra were founded in 2009, their creative and inspirational leader is Francesco Picciano who has won Fano Musicando Festival in 2007, led by Max Gazzè. The band prefers its own music instead of playing cover songs, also thanks to its wide public that follow it among Emilia – Romagna and Marche.
Their first live show was called “Se sulla spiaggia c’è la neve” (If there’s snow on the beach) and it is still a success the they play it again on stage.
Song texts are written by Francesco Picciano and music is composed by Pietro Beltrani, Filippo Zoffoli and Carlo Rinaldini.
Radio Londra’s production goes from brit pop to singer-songwriter music, sometimes with a bit of rock, keeping a strong but easy to listen sound.
In 2009 Radio Londra play on stage in Bologna and Rimini with the American singer-songwriter Terra Naomi, who has become knows thanks to the Web and her song “Say it’s possible”, on her first tour.
In 2010 Radio Londra are finalists at Musicando Festival with the song “Certe volte”(Sometimes) which goes on Radio 1 Rai and in the 2010 Musicando compilation. In 2011 they’re finalists as well at Musicando Festival with the song “Amore sei tornata finalmente” (Love you’re finally back) which is played on national and local radios.
On 13rd may 2011 they released their first EP, called “Quello che c’è” (What there is), with a sold out concert at Teatro del Mare in Riccione, which has been followed by the cameras of Mizar, a feature of Tg2.
In 2012 Radio Londra take part to Area Sanremo and they win “Pepi Morgia” prize as best band and best song test with the song “Briciole” (Crumbs).
Moreover they have been selected by the commission, led by Gianni Morandi, for the auditions of Sanremo Social 2012 which have been live on tv.
After one year of hard work to improve their musical language and some great experiences, Radio Londra met the producer Max Monti with which they decided to work together and write new songs.
In 2015 Radio Londra release “Certe Volte Rework” (Sometimes rework), beginning with what it was and changing the dress of it. The tile track has been launched with a video clip on Facebook ad has been viewed 16.959 times during the first week.


20 Agosto 2016






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