Race bike design. Competition and production compared in the Ducati 996R


The exhibition “Race Bike Design” analyses the differences existant among racing motorbikes and those on the market, referring in particolar to the Superbike championship, in which there race bikes directly derivino form normal manufacturing.
The exhibit has been realised thanks to the disposition of Ducati Motors and Ducati Racing, which have provided materials and knoledge regarding in particular their outstanding model, the 996R, and its competition correspondant.
The exposition developes through four sections: to the historical inroduction, follow the analysis of the engine, the electronics and the cyclistics. In the first section there are drawn the technical scheme of the Ducati models that have taken part in the Superbike championship from its birth till today and a brief history of Ducati. The part relative to the engine analyses the evolution of the engine “996” in the motor “Testastretta” 998, halting on the insights adopted on the engine and of data acquisition.
The last part deals with the dynamic behaviour of the motor and the insights useful for its optimisation.
The exposition of the several arguments begins with a technical approach, usefull for any motorbike, based on notions and concepts typically engineeristic, to then see their applications on Ducati models.
The work on the content has been possible thanks to interviews and meetings with the Ducati engineers and technicians who have directly participated to the projecting


18 Agosto 2002 - 24 Agosto 2002


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