ONE SINGLE SONG In collaboration with Sagra Musicale Malatestiana

A concert with: Tania Kassis, Tosca, Mirna Kassis; Directed by Massimo Venturiello


An entirely female cast for a music encounter with three international artists of great talent, personality and beauty.
Tosca, Italian singer and actress, presents a selection of pieces which capture the state of the art of a decade of a very intense live activity. A tribute to song, in all its infinite variations, to tell the power of the voice and the sounds of a vast area of the world: Yiddish, Portuguese, French, Romanian, Japanese, Lebanese, without neglecting our mother tongue. Tania Kassis and Mirna Kassis are Tosca’s extraordinary guests and travel companions; despite the random homonymy, they come from different countries – Lebanon (Tania) and Syria (Mirna). The different languages of origin -Italian, Arabic and Aramaic- will be combined in a single song, simple and effective expression of beauty: the universal language of all peoples and races.


19 Agosto 2016






Arena Spettacoli Unipolsai D3