No one has ever expressed himself in such a christian way


‘One of the most controversial sons of France, an in-tellectual and a poet, left wing and right wing sympathizer, a mystic and angry journalist, a family man and a lover of his country: but was there more to Charles Péguy than this? The extraordinary topicality of his literary work and thought, need today to be ma-de known and debated, at a time when fresh attention is being paid to him in France and other countries. ‘No one has ever expressed himself in such a Chri-stian way”, Hans Urs Von Balthasar said of his works. Taking Christianity as a point of departure, he stands apart from all the clerical, anti-clerical intelligentsia around him as the only one with his feet well planted on the ground, like a perpetual incarnate befo-re so much abstract spiritualism. The exhibition moves through a rare photographic anthology (30 panels with documents and original photographs including the manuscript of Véronique, annotated by the author), the events in Péguy’s life, his upbringing, his meetings with some of the most influential figures of his time, his profound friendships and ‘abandonments’. These pictures, which reached us thanks to the precious collaboration and preservation work of the Charles Péguy Centre of Orléans, accompany the most significant moments of the vast work of the writer in an attempt to uncover that connection which he himself indicated: ‘a work like mine is not that of an individual: all those who belong to it, often nourish it unknowingly, with the best of their lives. My work contains the echo of life, often in endless waves.’


22 Agosto 1992 - 29 Agosto 1992




Agorà C1 (Area CdO)
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