Nature and rationality


‘The exhibition presents the works of Carl Andre, an exponent of “minimal art”, born in Quincey, Massachusetts in 1935. He studied at the Phillips Academy in Andover (1951-53), he also worked as a builder for the Pennsylvania Railroad (1960-64) and took part in the Art Worker’s Coalition (1967-72). His work, which developed in the late ‘60s, immediately followed that of the first minimalists – Robert Morris, Donald Judd, Dan Flavin – whose fundamental principles Andre shared. The ultimate goal is the search for the maximum formal simplicity, combined with the maximum content of expression. Most of his works are made of metal sheets, all square and identical in size and thickness, horizontally sticking to the ground: adhering to the ground meant wanting to mingle with nature, as an expression of physical existence as well as manifestation of a rational order. Among the works shown in Rimini there are: “Steel pie-ce” (1967), “Aluminium lock series” (1968), “Hague Steel piece” (1968), and “Copper Square” (1973).’


25 Agosto 1984 - 09 Gennaio 1984


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