Marcello Dolci, voice and guitar; Matteo De Angelis, guitar, banjo and voice; Michele Tani, keyboards and voices; Davide Mastroianni, bass; Tommy Graziani, drums; Elisa Semprini, violin and voice


Happiness is at home during N&B concerts but there are many other things: the exploration of unknown lands, rythms and percussions which come from far away, a dip on a Caribbean beach and the melancholy of an exotic sunset.
Travelling and coming back into the arms of country rock and folk ballades which have their roots in an old Irish pub. Music for a mental trip around the globe.
The Nashville and Backbones are six young people from Rimini, with their feet on the sand and their heads overseas.
Together since 1999 and after 100 concerts, N&B have released their first EP “Haul in the nets” in 2012 with a great response from the public and almost 1000 copies sold.
In 2015 they release their second EP, “Cross the river”, not only a title but a call.
A call to cross without fear the many borders of our everyday life, the borders that are imposed by the society but also by ourselves. This is the goal of the second EP of N&B: to cross borders and to go beyond labels that narrow down.
The still known twist of Marcello, Matteo and Michele’s voices has become more precious with Elisa’s voice and violin; the rhythm is composed by Tommaso and Davide who are the “dynamic duo” of Backbones.
This EP has many partnerships with some artists like Hilario Baggini (Del Barrio), Enrico Farnedi (solo and with The Good Fellas), Claudio Cardelli (Rangzen) and others.
Now more than ever the N&B sound is complete and whole. “Cross the river” is an ambitious work which has the aim to be a sort of vademecum of the different sorts of musical influences that N&B have collected travelling abroad, listening and playing live, thanks to their enormous curiosity.


21 Agosto 2016






Area Piscine Ovest