Mysterious is water

Curated by Associazione Euresis. In collaboration with Ceur Foundation. Media Partner Avvenire. Under the sponsorship of the Ministry of Environment.


This exhibition aims to make the visitors aware of the preciousness and uniqueness of water, through a path aimed at deepen the knowledge of historical, scientific and cultural details. Water is present in many aspects of our life and the life of our planet.
The essential value of water has always been perceived by man, who has given to it a symbolic value, found in all the cultures of the world: water is life, power which purifies and renovates. The first civilizations have risen in places where water was accessible. With human development, man has brought water where it was not, using it as an energetic resource, as a means of transport and had to come up with increasingly sophisticated ways to purify it and make it available to the large conurbations of the modern age.
The remarkable discoveries of scientific research about such an amazing and basic element which is so “umile et pretioso” (humble and precious), make us understand how and to what extent our life physically depends on water and on its special features to an even greater extent compared to what the ancient populations used to believe. From chemistry to biology, from geology to astrophysics, scientific knowledge is constructing a fascinating and complex picture, that shows the extent to which the relationship between the living and water, man and water, and planet Earth and water is rich, varied and surprising, starting from the mystery of its appearance on our planet and coming until the delicate and unpredictable geometric structure of the different kinds of ice which can be reproduced in a laboratory.
In the journey of discovery of the mysterious and irreplaceable value of water it will be possible to ask themselves urgent questions about its finding, distribution, intelligent and wise management of the water resource and the questions surrounding this matter. In front of this challenge which is becoming increasingly important, the Integral Ecology to which pope Francis refers in his encyclical Laudato Sì opens to new possibilities, integrally human and totally respectful of the value of the environment in which we live.


20 Agosto 2015 - 26 Agosto 2015




Piazza A3
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